AURA SERIES: a B.Y.O.H Offering by Mama Medicine


 Welcome to Be Your Own Healer, the Aura Series. A channeled, intentional offering to guide you deeper into your being your own healer. Working through all 11 colors in this Aura Series will help to create the receptivity and joy that comes from feeling balanced.

 This B.Y.O.H. is not designed to fix you because you are not broken, actually you are perfect as you are.

Organized by each aura color, this Series is designed to empower you to use your intuition to infuse your aura which will bring you balance. Each color of the Series offers you some kind of challenge or cleanse because we reap what we sow and the seeds we plant today will become tomorrow’s fruit.

  You do not need to see auras or know the color of your aura in order to benefit from this B.Y.O.H. We all have a multi dimensional, multi color adaptable auras. Most of us have a base color, the aura can change at any time depending on environmental, emotional, and mental factors. Each color has a specific sound vibration that will connect to creating harmony in life. Remember, this B.Y.O.H. Aura Series is most effective when you take it slow and are patient with your expansion. There is no need to fast track your spiritual development. You are exactly where you are meant to be. That is why your intuition has lead you here.


$22 (expires 2 months from purchase)


$22 (expires 2 months from purchase)