Thank you for creating Space with us! Here at Space by Mama Medicine we view Medicine Readings and Medicine Reading Ceremony as the central sun and all other events, products and offerings here as bright and beautiful rays of this sun. Our purpose is to create a safe and nurturing environment for you to gather the tools you need to be your own healer. 

We recommend trying to attend all events offered at Space for a well rounded creation of your self healing tool kit. That’s why we are offering free access to the event of your choosing to anyone who attends all of our events in one month’s time. Email to book.


Washington, DC

Medicine Reading Ceremony at Eaton Workshop

9/28: 3.30-5PM Book Now

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Medicine Reading Ceremony at Mercado Sagrado

10/13: Tickets available soon



New Moon Ceremony

10/9: 7-830PM at AY^AM Playa Del Rey, Book Now

Space by Mama Medicine Events

All workshops will be held at Space by Mama Medicine unless otherwise noted.