How do I prepare for my session?

We recommend spending time reflecting on your intention for the session. Come well-rested and hydrated if possible (extreme jet lag or going too hard the night before are not the ideal scenarios...but we will make it work!) Wear something comfortable as you will be laying down on a Biomat throughout the session and bring a notepad and pencil. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We kindly request all cancellations made no later than 24 hours before scheduled appointment. We will be happy to accommodate if the request is made in advance, Unfortunately, last minute cancellations can not be refunded or used as credit. We thank you for your understanding. Please email: appointments@mamamedicine.nyc 

What was that heated mat during the session?

All of our private readings  and medicine reading ceremonies are performed with the Richway Biomat. The Biomat is a jade and tourmaline bed that uses infrared heat technology to help induce a deeper state of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

I have a question for Deborah, how can I connect?

Just as we aim to help you create more Space in your life to connect to what matters, we too need to carve out Space in ours to continue to offer this important work. If you have an in-depth personal question we recommend scheduling an appointment. If you have a more general question you feel many could benefit from we invite you to tune into our Ask Mama series on Instagram Live every Friday at 12.45 (est) where you can share your question!

Do you take special requests? 

Absolutely! If you would like to hold a special event at Space by Mama Medicine please email: appointments@mamamedicine.nyc If you are interested in scheduling a special event outside of Space by Mama Medicine please email: claire@mamamedicine.nyc

I have a product, who should I connect with?

We rarely do full product collaborations. However, we love to offer pillow gifts to our clients attending ceremonies & workshops. If you have a product you think our community would love please email: lindsay@mamamedicine.nyc

I ordered a B.Y.O.H and it's not working?

Retrograde? We are here to help. Email lindsay@mamamedicine.nyc and we will get you all sorted. 

I'm sorry - but I still don't get it!

No problem! We get it. Medicine Readings are hard to fully describe. Give us a call (212.226.1714), shoot us an email, or check out a few testimonials. Or just accept that you are feeling called to try this and show up with no expectations (skeptics welcome too!)