Begin Here


 444hz soundscape by Michael Desmond 

If you are bathing:

Begin to run your bath. Turn down the lights in the sacred space you are creating. Add all ingredients to your bath (found below). Before you begin the ceremony, take time to clear your energy by moving a selenite wand around your body focusing it where you feel you need the most cleansing. Light a candle and bless your self with the smoke of Palo Santo. Place your hands over the water and say “you are love” three times. Next turn on the audio file, step into the bath and dunk your head underwater. Come up, close your eyes and begin taking two breaths in through the nose and one breath out of the mouth at your own pace. Resting when you need or letting the breath go completely if it doesn’t feel right for you.


Please feel free to add, subtract or improvise any ingredients. 

Dear Lover or Truth and Beauty,

When you are searching for your truth you need only to look within to your own magnetic presence. The power of love that is constantly beating in your own wild heart. No one else, no tarot cards, seer, pendulum or astrologer can tell you where you should go or what you should do because they don’t have your magic. The quest for your purpose is one you must go on alone. But I can tell you this, you are here to give and receive love. The medium you use for this process is up to you, Beloved wanderer. Bless your journey by taking this time to Be Your Own Healer. 


At least one cup of Pink Himalayan sea salt

A turquoise or amazonite crystal (size doesn’t matter ;)

A pot of lemon balm tea

Ten drops of jasmine essential oil

A handful of pink rose petals, fresh or dried. 

**Put all your non-water soluble crystals in this bath for example: smokey quartz, obsidian and amethyst. Refrain from putting salt based crystals e.g. selenite into your bath. 

If you are laying down:

Find a comfortable resting place on the floor or on your bed. Light a candle. Turn down the lights in the sacred space you are creating. Take time to clear your energy by moving a Selenite wand around your body. Then bless yourself with the smoke of palo santo. Hold your turquoise or amazonite crystal in your left hand and place any other crystal allies in a circle around wher you will be laying down, for example if you are laying on a yoga mat place all of your crystals around the border of the mat. Next turn on the audio file. Begin to Breath at your own pace taking two inhales through the nose and one exhale out of the mouth, finding your own rhythm and releasing the breath if it feels like too much for you. 

If you are listening/ walking:

Simply omit the breathing and spiritual tools. You can take this Medicine anywhere! 

*we recommend listening to The Bless Ceremony with headphones the sound will travel best this way. Adjust the volume to your liking. 

Please note that B.Y.O.H. Has an accumulative effect the more you listen and practice the Rituals the more inspired you become to do your own healing work. 

Please note to change your Auto-Lock Settings for the recording to continue to stream on your phone. For iPhone: Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto Lock > Change to Never.

Begin ceremony. Listen with your heart. 


We recommend trying these practices for the two weeks following a new moon, the time when we are setting intention and calling things in. By the full moon these practices should help you have the revelations you need to feel more in alignment with your truth.



Opening up your throat and singing is a powerful way to clear out judgement, doubt, fear and come into a place of trusting your truth.
This is a Medicine Song that came to me one day when I was singing to the river. You can sing with me and join in and feel it connect you to the truth that we are all connected. Or you can sing your own tune.

Like the Sun and the Moon
I’m just a reflection of you.
Whatever you see in me is within you.
Like the Sun and the Moon
I’m just a reflection of you
Whatever you see in me is within you.
All of the Stars are within you.
All of the Animals are within you.
All of the Plants are within you.
All of the Love is within you.
Like the Sun and the Moon I’m just a reflection of you.
Whatever you see in me is within you.
Like the Sun and the Moon I’m just a reflection of you.
Whatever you see in me is within you.
All of the Love is within you.
All of the Love is within you.
All of the Love is within you.


Journaling Excercise

Imagine yourself walking through the forest. You come to a fork in the path, what do the two paths represent and which one do you choose. Put yourself in the seat of power with this excercise no one else can choose for you because they don’t have your magic.

Bee’s Breath

Place finger tips to face.
Index finger to lightly lift your brow
Middle finger to tear duct
Ring finger to outer edge of your nostrils
Pinky finger to rest on upper lip
Thumbs to close off ears

Close your mouth and make a humming sound with your mouth closed. Repeat at least 20 times. Let the sound travel up into your forehead and all around your mouth and throat. Let the sound release tension in your jaw.


Having been in the spiritual world for almost two decades I’ve notice that there’s a lot attached to image when it comes to spirituality. I think that spiritual uniforms can zap one’s creativity and cause insecurities. I respect how anyone chooses to dress on any given day because it’s part of their journey home to themselves. You can be just as spiritual in all white linen caftans as you can be in stilettos. It’s your heart, your intention, your truth that matters.

 The first time I went to my yoga teacher training school when I was twenty I wore dangling earrings and bright red lipstick and for the rest of the year long training I got comments from other people in the training and even my own teacher about how I was “seeking attention from men” and wore “too much makeup” so I changed my look started wearing all white yoga clothes and no make-up and it really didn’t feel like me. It felt like blending in with everyone else there. I eventually became frustrated at myself, for not being myself and so on the last day of my teacher training I went fully decked out in “Deborah” clothes mascara, bracelets and all. From that moment on I vowed never to change how I look in order to fit in with some spiritual community.

My truth is I enjoy feeling beautiful inside and out and sometimes for me that involves covering myself in clay and standing naked under a waterfall and other times that includes eye shadow and really cute shoes.

I view adorning oneself in however one wishes as
a way of blessing oneself. I think it’s very helpful for our human family and this earth we call home if we choose to adorn ourselves in conscious, sustainable and kind ways. The spirituality in how dress and choose to look is a form of your expression, a form of your truth.

Check in with yourself on a daily basis. What colors are in your truth today? How will you choose to express how radiant you feel on the inside with others around you?





This topic is a whole other B.Y.O.H. in itself but I wanted to mention it in Live Your Truth because it is such a large part of authentic embodiment of oneself. In my opinion it can be very hard for sensitive, spiritually inclined people to have a balanced sexuality. Because our sexual nature is very much in our body, connected to the earth. This can be a very difficult place for us wanderers because awakening can involve a trauma within our earthly energy, this isn’t limited to sexual trauma this trauma could be something like parents divorcing, or loss of a loved one. The earthly trauma the causes the wanderer to travel up into the astral realms where things are more comfortable and easier to process.

The challenge is to take the powerful celestial energy and ground it down into earthly presence. Understanding that the body is a safe place to be and your sensitivity is your strength. It is your sensitivity that gives you awareness, move from that place.