Get Grounded

Infuse Red into your Aura to create an uncanny ability to see things through to fruition and feel at home wherever you go.

Even if we are not connected to our human ancestors they are all around us in grandmother earth herself.

All elements have been here long before we came and most will remain after we leave.

When we are in need of wisdom, when we are trying to remember, when we are craving a sense of belonging.

We can always return to the ever available energy of nature. We can take the lesson that has been learned from the past generations and make way for the new generations to grow toward grace.

Knowing where we come from gives us the power of feeling at home wherever we go.

Our home, our shelter is a basic need. A sense of belonging is a basic need.

When we are calling in a sense of feeling held, look at the energy in the physical place you currently abide in. Have you truly done your best to feel at home here?

Are we clinging to material possessions that are creating clutter and not serving their purpose? Are suitcases unpacked and things put away?

When we are calling in protection, what we are truly calling in is the presence and power of love. Accidents don’t happen when we are paying attention.

They only happen when we are distracted.  When someone is distracted and ungrounded, their aura appears porous. When someone is focused and knows themselves, their aura is tight and very well protected.

When we know who and where we belong to it is easier for us to know ourselves. And we are all children of the earth.


The Home

Herbal Hero: Oak

Crystal Heros: Carnelian, Garnet, Black Tourmaline

The Earth

The Red Aura Ceremony will help to balance out the energy in your aura.

It’s important to know the light and shadow of each color because all the colors have both. Don’t feel ashamed if you connect to some of the shadow aspects of Red instead use this awareness to gain wisdom on how to reach toward your light.

The Light

Red gets it done.

Red is the one you want by your side when you are giving birth, moving, or starting a new business.

Red excels at all things birth, life and family.

Red is great at getting to the heart of a matter to create more clarity.

Red can visit a place once, come back ten years later and still know their way around.

Connected to their homes and families, they are generally very loyal.

Red takes very good care of their physical bodies and material belongings.

Grounded to the earth, they almost never feel lost.

The Shadow

Red is so powerful, if they are not careful, they can disempower others.

Red is the most apt to intolerance, indifference, stubbornness and judgement.

Red can be very fixed and rigid, and find it difficult to make the necessary moves in life or tolerate a point of view that is different than their own.

Red will often stay in a relationship, job or home long past it’s due date because they are so afraid of change.

If you are not into following maps and sticking to schedules, Red is not the best to travel with. Definitely don’t expect any go with the flow spontaneity here.

Red will want to stick to the schedule and get to where they are going as quickly as possible.

Prone to being materialistic, Red can put too much attention into what they own defining them and can fall into the trap of comparison.



  • For the next twenty one days keep a journal and be mindful of everything you buy and what the emotional triggers are behind you buying it. Can you pause for a moment before you make that purchase and remind yourself that you are so provided for and already have everything you need?

  • If you are traveling at all in this time period when you arrive, take a moment to be grateful to place you are staying in for holding you. Unpack your suitcase and put things away. You can even travel with a carnelian crystal, a little piece of nature to help ground you and help you feel at home.

  • In your home can you repurpose or clear out anything that feels cluttered? Can you show gratitude to your home by doing your best to infuse it with love?


  • Make an infusion of fresh oak leaves steeped in warm spring water in a mason jar

  • Add your non water soluble crystals to the infusion

  • Place jars in a spot where it can soak up the light of the sun and moon for twenty four hours

  • Wash your floors and walls with the potion.



Gather local edible wild flowers and place them in your bath

Place your non water Black Tourmaline crystal in your bath

Cleanse your aura with a selenite wand

Step into the bath and dunk your head underwater

Turn on recording

Sit and soak in silence for ten minutes following recording

Repeat once every seven days with in your 21 day Belonging Cleanse