“Minutes later, we are standing on a hilltop overlooking the tiny village of Quarna Sopra, slathering on a clay-like mud Hanekamp had collected from various sacred places around the world, including the Peruvian Amazon, where she had trained under a shaman for eight years. 'The parts that don't dry as fast are areas where you have trapped energy,' she said, sloughing off the mud and directing us to do the same. 'The point of getting uncomfortable is that it helps us become comfortable,' said the 34-year old healer.”

The Shamans & Wellness Gurus People are Traveling for, Conde Nast Traveller 

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Join us in Lago D’orta Italy

ELEMENT • July 10-16, 2019


From our hectic city lives, to a blissful Italian mountain lake…

Together we journey: from our hectic city lives, to a blissful Italian mountain lake. From an external world of chaos, to the deep reservoirs of wisdom within. From a self that has been wounded, lost, or stuck – to the power, purpose, and grace of who we really are. Mama Medicine helps to heal the past, clear the path, and bring intentions to life.

ELEMENT is an immersive and transformative journey to the shaman within. Retreat into the sacred Mottarone mountain range: wake up every morning to the healing power of the sun, the calming water of Lake D’orta, and the nurture of the wooded mountainside. Here, you will be among the elements—breathing in sacred air, walking on sacred ground, sleeping under the sacred sky. In this extraordinary landscape, Mama Medicine will harness the elements to guide us through an immersive and expanded version of her Medicine Readings, shamanic ceremonies that integrate ancient healing traditions for modern life. 

We will call in the spirits, bathe in clay and honey, and eat vegetable-based meals fresh from the earth. Through dance and song, meditation and the breath, and the powerful medicine of the elements, we connect with our most elemental thing of them all… our deepest self.


Please note that the transformation on this retreat can be very strong and can take months to process and integrate after.This particular retreat is held during a Mercury Retrograde, Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full moon in Capricorn. which will help us to face our shadows, reveal what needs to be healed, and help us to plant our feet in the ground of knowing ourselves.

It is helpful to have all of your personal affairs in order before coming on the retreat.

It is highly recommended to not bring work to do during downtime on the retreat because you are doing so much work on yourself.

It is ok if you need to arrive a little late for the retreat but please plan to stay for entire duration of retreat.

All activities optional, children who come will be on their own retreat guided by the mama medicine team and getting connected to nature through song and celebration, in a way that is fun and adaptable for all ages.  Child care is provided during retreat meet up times only, on silent days parents have option of asking child care givers to be with their children for most of the day.

Day 1: 7/10

2pm Settle in, arrive

4pm Meet and greet + Medicine Reading Ceremony, Clear Energy with Beginning of Silence

7pm Dinner

Day 2:  7/11 EAST, INNER VOICE Day of Silence Day of wind

8am Breakfast

10am Luciana’s Temple Technique

1pm Lunch

2pm Silent Meditation in Sacred Nature

4-7pm Free time/Option to meet for healing stream of consciousness writing in collective silence (4-5pm)

7pm Dinner  

8pm Sacred wind ceremony/song circle

Restorative yoga, energy balancing breath, crystal healing and sound bath with Deborah & Lindsay


530am option to wake up early with Deborah for sunrise + skin deep self care ceremony

8am Breakfast

9:45am breaking silence with Deborah

10am Luciana’s Temple Technique

1pm Lunch

2pm Medicine Reading Sun Ceremony

6pm dinner

7pm Fire Ceremony


8am Breakfast

10am Luciana’s Temple Technique

1pm Lunch

2pm Ritual Baths, water ceremony

7pm dinner



8am Breakfast
10am Luciana’s Temple Technique
1pm Lunch
2pm EARTH Ceremony/Making Medicine
7pm Dinner


8am Breakfast
9am Day trip to Natural Park// Full Moon Element Ceremony With Deborah & Luciana
2pm–4pm Visit a beautiful village on the way back to Mandali for refreshments or local shopping

6pm Dinner at Mandali
730pm Medicine Reading Ceremony + blessing with medicine we’ve made ( optional take home self care practice with medicine)


8am Breakfast
9am Sharing Circle
1130am Say goodbye and head home 

To reserve your room please visit Mandali’s Website.

Once your room is booked please email: to finalize your spot and pay the $1500 energy exchange.

**+$275 additional per child for childcare up to age 13

The Children’s retreat is very playful, loose and fun and open to children of all ages & genders. This retreat can be very powerful and a wonderful experience for young women. Women ages 13-18 are open to moving back and forth between the women’s retreat or children's retreat but will be charged women’s rate for retreat. This is a women’s retreat but families are welcome, family members not joining the retreat are welcome to come and enjoy the beautiful Mandali Retreat Center and welcome to come on our day trip we just ask that the retreat is given space during our ceremonies and meetings.

*Please note everything is included except transportation to/from the retreat. We will coordinate transportation to/from Mandali so our group can share rides and reduce cost as much as possible. This information will be requested closer to retreat date. 

Please plan to stay until the very end of the retreat, deep work is being done and this way the process will be complete.

It is normal to feel a little off but still functional directly following the retreat. A Medicine Reading via online or in person is recommended one month, three months and/ or six months after retreat.

*** 7/15 snack are provided but no lunch Please be prepared to purchase your own refreshments or gifts when we stop in town***