dare to dream

Those with the understanding that their internal reality creates their external reality, and that they are a drop in one large ocean of consciousness…they are the ones who usually have the color violet around them.

I see violet in places that have a powerful spiritual energy and in the aura of most young children, those who aren’t afraid to stay true to who they are. 

Violet appears in places that have a strong spiritual energy. When I walk through certain places; ancient forests, deserts and mountains, or ruins where people have done a lot of praying, everything becomes a vivid violet hue.

To me, violet is a color we could all call into our aura to help us feel more connected to all that is. I love seeing a combination of violet and other colors in the aura. For example, red and violet usually surround super high powered innovators, amazing business minds, and great artists and writers. 


The Bedroom 

Herbal Heros: Mugwort, white pine needles, violet, jasmine, orchid   

Crystal Heros:  Amethyst, Moonstone, clear quartz, lepidolite

The Stars


The Violet Aura Ceremony will help to balance out the energy in your aura.

It’s important to know the light and shadow of each color because all the colors have both. Don’t feel ashamed if you connect to some of the shadow aspects of Violet instead use this awareness to gain wisdom on how to reach toward your light.


 Violet is a dreamer and a person who is full of brilliant ideas. 

In communion with spirit and no matter what religion they were raised in, they have their own form of spirituality. 

Patient Violet takes time to make decisions, takes time in life. 

Drastically affected by the lunar cycles and planetary influences. 

Violets create from the channeled messages they receive from the divine.  

A powerful dreamer, with many symbols coming through in the dream state.


Violet may have a hard time grounding dreams into reality. 

Often brilliant ideas can circle around for months, even years.

Can get stuck in the etheric realm. 

A tendency towards numbing out and escapism. 

Violet has a tendency towards too many out of body experiences such as smoking weed or experimenting with psychedelics without actually processing the messages and medicine from these experiences. 

Violet may want to escape unprocessed Grief.


violet CLEANSE

Have you been taking measures to tune out or escape lately? This could be because you are avoiding the uncomfortable sensation of grief. Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that we are greiving. It could be a life shift, growing pains that almost always come with some form of loss, a more sharp severe loss of some kind or even a new level of clarity that has been reached from something that happened in our past. 

Through experieincing the greiving process we can gain so much wisdom, reach new levels of clairty and see what moves we need to make in order to make land our dreams. 

  • For the next 21 days one by one begin to become aware of the ways you numb out: too much social media, drugs, food, alcohol, tv, over dieting, running to much, too much travel, we can numb out with just about anything . Write them down in your journal. 

  • If you are feeling courageous one by one release your outdated numbing out practices. 

  • Write down how you feel one day after the release, three days, one week, and three weeks 

  • Each day of the 21 days, when you first wake, write down your dreams. On a full moon notice how you are sleeping, notice what has been revealed to you in your dream state. 

  • Notice the ways in which what you’ve choosen to escape with has blocked you from the dreams you wish to make real. 

  • Take note of any dream symbols that come up for you as you become more and more clear. What do they mean to you? How are they here to help? 

  • Take note of any emotional releases that come up for you as you are becoming more clear, tears, laughter and even frustration are signs that greif is being surfaced and cleared. 

  • Keep a focus on your intention of courage. You got this. 


  • 1 pot Butterfly pea flower tea

  • 2 tablespoons acai powder

  • 1 cup Epsom Salt

  • Amethyst Crystal

  • Mugwort leaf & flower (fresh if possible)

  • White rose petals

  • 5 drops each frankincense, jasmine and rose absolute essential oils mixed into 1 cup coconut milk.

  • Add all ingredients into bath. 


  • Call in all your guides & guardians 

  • Light a candle, cleanse your aura with the smoke of mugwort as you remeber your intention of courage. 

  • Step into the bath and dunk your head underwater 

  • Place the amethyst crystal in your left hand as you take deep cleansing breaths

  • Sit and soak in the magic you’ve created


Dream Ritual

Repeat everyday for 21 days can be combined with the cleanse

Be sure that the area which you dream is free of anything that could cause you stress or distract you. Change your sheets every three days, bless your room by wafting the smoke of palo santo & mugwort through your room before you go to sleep.

Place moonstone and amethyst crystals under your pillow

Place an intention of courage into a clear quartz crystal and then place that crystal in a glass of spring water, let it rest on your window sill in your bedroom, let the water soak up the energy of the sun, stars and crystal for.

Ideally beginning on a new moon, place an amethyst crystal, a candle and a bundle of dried mugwort on an altar by your bed. Cleanse, bless and protect your spirit with the smoke of mugwort as you do this invite in your guides, guardians, angels, plant and animal spirit guides to hold space for you as you light a candle of courage, hold the amethyst crystal in both hands as you sit, eyes gazing into the flame of the candle with your focus on courage for at least ten minutes

Drink your crystal water close your eyes places your crystals on your body and listen to the Violet Aura Ceremony.

Every morning, write down any symbols or stories that have come up in your dreams. Make you bed, put you sleeping crystals in the sunlight, open a window and cleanse the energy of your room with the smoke of white sage.